Nice To Meet You

Hello there, I'm Rosemary Watson and I am a photographer, a designer, & a stylist living in Mesa, Arizona. I am a lover of many things, but the things I love most in life is my family. I have five children, Olivia (age 5), Landen (age 4), Penelope (age 3), and twin little bitties Evelyn & Georgia (age 2) and we have one more baby on the way (due Sept 2012) . All these wild  kids drive my husband Braden and I crazy, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

My blog is a place that I showcase my life and my various projects such as photography with Rosemary Watson Photography, design with Rhonna Designs & Rosemary Watson Creative, and home & garden styling with hello there! house. I hope you get to know me better, and that you will get a laugh out of my funny little life I live. I love inspiring others to create and share their experiences with others, so we can all grow.