We interrupt this photography challenge

Thursday, July 28, 2011

To say, yet again, we've had a rather busy week here at The Watson House. Olivia starts Kindy Monday and we've been doing all kinds of work this week in preparation (plus lots of other work for various projects). It finally hit me today after Meet The Teacher Night that my life is about to change forever. I am no longer in the Baby Stage of my life. I am transitioning into the Schoolchildren Stage. And I am scared. I don't want my Baby Stage to end. I want to keep all my Bitties here with me forever and ever and never let them go to school (even though I know that this change will be good for both Olivia and I). I am literally sick to my stomach and holding back tears that time is marching on and I don't think I really appreciated it while it was happening and now it's over and I can't do anything to get it back.

I am sad.

So tomorrow it is All About Olivia Day where we will do everything she wants all day because come Monday, she's gone. And then I'll blink and she'll be graduating High School. So, now the tears are no longer being held back and I will stay up all night being so thankful for the time I got to spend here at home with her and wishing I could have done more with that time.

On a brighter note, here are some photos of Lala's Meet The Teacher Night.

Photography Challenge: Day 6 (I'm waaaaay behind)

Monday, July 25, 2011

So, now it's a new week after our hello there! house Meet 'N' Greet and I can get back into the photography groove again! Here's my photo for day 6, of my Frannie Dog

And here's the linky tool to show off your photos!

Come see me tonight!

Friday, July 22, 2011

I will be at the hello there! house Meet 'N' Greet tonight- please say you'll come, it will be a blast! I've been working so so hard on everything (which is why I'm completely behind on my photo challenge- but I promise I'll make it up!) and I am excited to sit and talk to everyone & eat some amazing food. See you tonight!

30 Day Challenge: Day 5

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My photo for today was admittedly rushed. I've been putting together the project boxes for the hello there! house Meet 'N' Greet on Friday and I noticed I was using a lot of pink. So, I grabbed my camera and snapped away. I wanted to play around with the depth of field so I used 800 ISO since I was indoors and it was twilight so my house was fairly dark. I moved the Aperture down as far as it could go (I think a 4.0 with my not-so-great lens) and moved the shutter speed so it was correctly exposed. Here's the finished product:

And here's the linky for everyone to share!

30 Day Challenge: Day 4

Monday, July 18, 2011

Well, today was a complete FAIL. I waited until today to take my sunset photo, only to find that it was cloudy today so there really was no "sunset". Hopefully everything will clear up tomorrow so I can make up for today!

So here's the link for everyone to post their make up shots in (remember you don't have to be on time for every assignment- post the ones you did do to play along!)

Come to our next Meet 'N' Greet this Friday!

There are only 4 more days until our next Meet 'N' Greet at The Center Bistro for hello there! house. Please please please come- I have so much to show you all! Get your tickets at centerbistromeetngreet.eventbrite.com/ , they're only $10 and it will be A BLAST!

Hope to see y'all there!

Happy Birthday To My Little Mister Landen

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Untitled from Rosemary Watson on Vimeo.

I got so choked up making this video of Landen, he was the sweetest little boy ever. It makes me so so sad he's getting bigger everyday, and pretty soon he won't let me kiss on him and ask me for a hug every night before bed ;( So I better cherish every one of his funny little quirks before they're gone because I just know that I'm going to turn around and he's going to be all grown up.

Photography Challenge: Day 3 (& some fun free printables)

Friday, July 15, 2011

For today's challenge I took my kids to the library to get some of my favorite childhood books. To go along with our library trip I found these free printables from Simple As That blog

How fun, right? My kids get so excited to fill out their reading logs and eat some "bookworm" treats as they read. Print some out and make a reading log for your own kid- they'll love it! 

Ok, now on to business. Here's my submission for today's assignment: books

I have this really wonderful italian cookbook that my best friend gave to me that I set up to be a combo book/cooking shot. I tried something way way way out of my style and added a Pink Vintage Overlay to it just to spice things up.

PS- I've decided our challenges will be a Mon-Fri thing so we can have weekends off. Landen's birthday is tomorrow and I have another special video to share with everyone!

30 days Blog Button

Thursday, July 14, 2011

If you are participating in the 30 day Photo Challenge, grab a button for your blog!

Just copy & paste the code onto a html widget on your sidebar!

ALSO i just wanted to mention you can participate in the challenge even if you missed a day! The links stay open for a week so you have plenty of time to catch up and play along- just enter your link when you post your photos!

Photography Challenge: Day 2

Day 2 is here! Since we had a hair cutting fiasco here at my house, Olivia got a brand new (much much shorter) haircut yesterday afternoon so I decided it was perfect timing since we have a child challenge today. I've been browsing around Pinterest to find some ideas for this assignment and this one really caught my eye:

I love the angle and how her blue eyes pop. I also like that she's not smiling she's just looking straight up at the camera and the photo is still gorgeous. I think many times child photographers wait and wait and wait until the kid is smiling but this is proof that even sullen photos are stunning.

So I tried to recreate the style as much as possible with Olivia this morning. I prefer my photos on the warmer side, the above photo has cool tones so you can see how much of a difference the tones make.

And here's the Linky Tool to show off your Day 2 Assignments!

Photography Challenge: Day 1

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Here it is! Our 30 days Photo Challenge begins TODAY! Can I get a "Hells Yes!"? This list is sized an 8.5" x 11" so feel free to print out and stick on your fridge, mirror, chalkboard, or anywhere else that's easy to see and remind you to take your photos. Are you ready for your first assignment?

We're starting off like all the other challenges out there with a "Self-Portrait" Get creative and show us what you got- there are so many different ways to make yourself shine. Here's my Self Portrait photo:

I've created a linky list for everyone who is participating to link up to my blog so we can all see each other's photos! This is my first time trying out a link party so here are some directions I'm hoping will work- Just add a "permalink" from THIS blog post (copy and paste at the top of your browser. It should say http://iloverosemarywatson.blogspot.com/2011/07/photography-challenge-day-1.html) to the end of YOUR blog post with your photo in it. 

Photography Challenge: Who wants to join me?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is it just me or is this summer heat left everyone completely blah and uninspired? I have entered another state of melancholy where I want to do nothing productive, but just sit and stare into space. Even my beloved Pinterest has left me full of emptiness- like I said before, Inspiration is nothing without Creation. And I have little motivation to create.

All these blahs have led me to ponder my life and realize a few things about myself, one if which is I am not thrilled about my photography as of late. I do not take hardly any photos of my kids, family, or self and that NEEDS TO CHANGE! So I was completely thrilled beyond belief to find this from White Peach Photo:

I also found this one from A Feathered Nest

It's a 30 day photography challenge- nothing new by any means, but I have never participated in one and I think this will kick my butt into gear and make me practice my photography on a daily basis. So who wants to join me on this challenge? I know there are a lot of amateur photographers like myself out there who have started their own photography businesses that would love to do something like this so let's all try it together! I'll start tomorrow with my own little list to share with everyone and attempt to do a link up to everyone who participates- it will be fun!

Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Princess Peepers!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Untitled from Rosemary Watson on Vimeo.

It was Penelope's birthday Saturday, and since we were out of town- her birthday video is being shared today. She had a fantastic birthday filled with presents, Chuck E Cheese, and balloons and is just getting sweeter and sweeter every day. I love you my sweet pea!

As God As My Witness There Is NOTHING A S'more Can't Cure.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Because after what I have dubbed the "Tucson Chuck E Cheese Incident of 2011" I needed something to seriously calm my nerves.

In case you were wondering, I'm on vacation. And let me tell you, vacations are anything but with 5 children. Braden went home Wednesday so I've been wrangling these crazy small people in a one bedroom hotel room by myself (except of course, if you count my parents and grandmother and sister Barrett, which help out TREMENDOUSLY but when it's time for bed and everyone chuckles off to their own rooms to the sounds of crying/whining/screaming/shrieking like a banshee- shit gets quite real fast.) We're headed home tomorrow and while being away was lovely, I am planning a self -imposed solitary confinement Sunday where I speak to no one under the age of 25 and try and get the zombie out of my system.

Because come Monday, it's GO TIME people. Lots to share and some new stuff to unveil. So please excuse my comotose-ness until the new week begins. THNX.