Photography Challenge: Day 3 (& some fun free printables)

Friday, July 15, 2011

For today's challenge I took my kids to the library to get some of my favorite childhood books. To go along with our library trip I found these free printables from Simple As That blog

How fun, right? My kids get so excited to fill out their reading logs and eat some "bookworm" treats as they read. Print some out and make a reading log for your own kid- they'll love it! 

Ok, now on to business. Here's my submission for today's assignment: books

I have this really wonderful italian cookbook that my best friend gave to me that I set up to be a combo book/cooking shot. I tried something way way way out of my style and added a Pink Vintage Overlay to it just to spice things up.

PS- I've decided our challenges will be a Mon-Fri thing so we can have weekends off. Landen's birthday is tomorrow and I have another special video to share with everyone!

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