As God As My Witness There Is NOTHING A S'more Can't Cure.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Because after what I have dubbed the "Tucson Chuck E Cheese Incident of 2011" I needed something to seriously calm my nerves.

In case you were wondering, I'm on vacation. And let me tell you, vacations are anything but with 5 children. Braden went home Wednesday so I've been wrangling these crazy small people in a one bedroom hotel room by myself (except of course, if you count my parents and grandmother and sister Barrett, which help out TREMENDOUSLY but when it's time for bed and everyone chuckles off to their own rooms to the sounds of crying/whining/screaming/shrieking like a banshee- shit gets quite real fast.) We're headed home tomorrow and while being away was lovely, I am planning a self -imposed solitary confinement Sunday where I speak to no one under the age of 25 and try and get the zombie out of my system.

Because come Monday, it's GO TIME people. Lots to share and some new stuff to unveil. So please excuse my comotose-ness until the new week begins. THNX.

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  1. Not only a s'more...but I do believe a martini is in order...are you insane??? Chuck E Cheese??? Let me know where to send the dark chocolate, stat! Enjoy your solitary confinement.
    Miss Charlotte