Photography Challenge: Day 1

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Here it is! Our 30 days Photo Challenge begins TODAY! Can I get a "Hells Yes!"? This list is sized an 8.5" x 11" so feel free to print out and stick on your fridge, mirror, chalkboard, or anywhere else that's easy to see and remind you to take your photos. Are you ready for your first assignment?

We're starting off like all the other challenges out there with a "Self-Portrait" Get creative and show us what you got- there are so many different ways to make yourself shine. Here's my Self Portrait photo:

I've created a linky list for everyone who is participating to link up to my blog so we can all see each other's photos! This is my first time trying out a link party so here are some directions I'm hoping will work- Just add a "permalink" from THIS blog post (copy and paste at the top of your browser. It should say to the end of YOUR blog post with your photo in it. 


  1. excited to do this with you! I don't think the permalink is working though!

  2. I think it's working- There's a thumbnail of you- is that not what you wanted?

  3. Yes! It didn't show up at first. Thanks for looking. Do you have the html for the 30 day photography challenge badge? I would love to add it!