Photography Challenge: Who wants to join me?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is it just me or is this summer heat left everyone completely blah and uninspired? I have entered another state of melancholy where I want to do nothing productive, but just sit and stare into space. Even my beloved Pinterest has left me full of emptiness- like I said before, Inspiration is nothing without Creation. And I have little motivation to create.

All these blahs have led me to ponder my life and realize a few things about myself, one if which is I am not thrilled about my photography as of late. I do not take hardly any photos of my kids, family, or self and that NEEDS TO CHANGE! So I was completely thrilled beyond belief to find this from White Peach Photo:

I also found this one from A Feathered Nest

It's a 30 day photography challenge- nothing new by any means, but I have never participated in one and I think this will kick my butt into gear and make me practice my photography on a daily basis. So who wants to join me on this challenge? I know there are a lot of amateur photographers like myself out there who have started their own photography businesses that would love to do something like this so let's all try it together! I'll start tomorrow with my own little list to share with everyone and attempt to do a link up to everyone who participates- it will be fun!


  1. I was totally going to do this- but I was going to do the 52 on Fridays one... And just do one a week... Have you seen it? Cause it's awesome. And 18 photogs link each other... But I wanted to do it with us amateur types too! Keep me posted... Maybe we can do this one and gather peeps to do a weekly one to start later. I love this...

  2. I am in! I would love to do this with you!

  3. I am totally joining you too! I really NEED to practice my photography skills! THANKS!