Photography Challenge: Day 2

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 2 is here! Since we had a hair cutting fiasco here at my house, Olivia got a brand new (much much shorter) haircut yesterday afternoon so I decided it was perfect timing since we have a child challenge today. I've been browsing around Pinterest to find some ideas for this assignment and this one really caught my eye:

I love the angle and how her blue eyes pop. I also like that she's not smiling she's just looking straight up at the camera and the photo is still gorgeous. I think many times child photographers wait and wait and wait until the kid is smiling but this is proof that even sullen photos are stunning.

So I tried to recreate the style as much as possible with Olivia this morning. I prefer my photos on the warmer side, the above photo has cool tones so you can see how much of a difference the tones make.

And here's the Linky Tool to show off your Day 2 Assignments!

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