Valentines Gift Idea #2

Thursday, January 21, 2010

We have some really nice neighbors that gave us treats for Christmas, but because I am a slacker, Christmas kind of flew by me and I never had time to put something together for them. Well, I found the perfect treat/gifty for Valentines Day and I am making them for all our nieghbors and some friends at my Real Estate Office. These are simple, inexpensive, and perfect since you don't have to actually do any of the baking-just the assembling!

I found these lovelies on Bakerella (one of my culinary heroes-she needs to write a book) and I switched them up a little for Valentines Day. You can keep them the same as hers of course and do the Cowgirl Theme, but I am going to call mine Cupid Cookies.

Her directions and gorgeous photos are here, so follow them and you can use my recipe card that I made for you & the tags I designed especially for Valentines Day.


  1. How do I print these cute tags Rosie? Also how do I print your cute recipe cards? I want to make some of these cute cookies for Valentine's Day to give to friends.

  2. Hi Auntie! Just right click on the tags and the recipe card and select save to desktop. It should save he image to your computers desktop and then you can print them from there!