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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Did you all watch the House of 3 webshow last night? It was awesome, there were so many great ideas on there. My favorite project though, was this Valentines Banner Kit. It's $2, which is cheaper than your Starbucks so buy it today and make this for crying out loud.

I cut one up, added some paper doilies and voila! Fabulous banner to coordinate with my tissue paper pom poms. I even added some mini pom poms and crepe paper ruffles to the mix cuz I couldn't resist. Once I finished, I decided to take it a step further and cut out some more embellishments using some other House of 3 Valentines Kits (I used the Vintage Valentines Text Garlands Kit, the Valentines Doily Kit, and some of the Love Twenty Ten Dingbat Fonts). This would have been MUCH easier if I had a Silhouette Die Cutting Machine, but for now I used plain old scissors.

I just stapled all the pieces to a piece of pink satin ribbon and now I LOVE it! I want to put banners all over my house now. Braden wants me to restrain myself.

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