Un-necessary Necessities

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I feel like I want to have everything ready to go when I actually have to deliver the twins, but I find that most things I want aren't really all that important, they would just make the hospital stay much more pleasant.

Like a custom hospital gown so I don't have to wear those depressing ones they give you that show your butt cheeks and fall off your shoulders. The ones from Lily and Lou are too cute (but $70 is out of my price range unfortunately).

I also want to bring my own blanket and pillow because the ones at the hospital SUCK and they are always running out. I love these whole-cloth quilts from Sweet Baby Jaime, and I ordered some Nicey Jane fabric to try and make my own in my size.

And this Mama & Baby Bird bath basket would be heaven to have for after the twins come. Flying Bird Botanicals have some awesome products that I am dying to try.

I also need a nice big bag to stash all my hospital stuff in, and I love this one from Pretty Little Things. It's so bright and cheery! I bought some green zebra fabric in hopes i can make my own before the babies come, but I don't know if I will get it done in time.

I've been working on a bunch of baby headbands for the girls and I just listed a bunch in our Handmade Parade Etsy shop and SURPRISE! We're doing another giveaway on the Handmade Parade Blog for your choice of the New Rosette Baby Headbands! Head on over there and enter to win-the giveaway ends March 1st!


  1. Rosemary, this is so funny. This post made me laugh. I am due 3 days after you (baby girl, only one :) and your posts are matching exactly what I am going through. First we both had the sleepless nights at the same time, and now the stuff for the hospital. Just this weekend I bought a perfect night gown and matching night robe (after a long search)!!! Good luck with your findings and hopefully you will make the bag on time!!!

  2. Rosemary you are very creative I bet you could make one of those hospital gowns just fine a pattern and adapt it. They maight even have a patterns somewhere, google it. Good Luck with everything elso. I am going to check out those headband.