Valentines Day Picnic

Thursday, February 11, 2010

If you want to do something a little different this year for Valentines Day, why not go to Schnepf Farms and have a picnic under the peach blossoms?

photo via Jaimee Rose

I saw on Jaimee Rose's blog that they were opening up the orchards for people to see the gorgeous pink flowers in all the trees, and I knew I had to get pictures done there. So I dragged Braden along this morning for Eryn to take some maternity photos of us together, and man is it gorgeous there.

I'll be putting these in next week's 365 layout, so check back for that!

Also, I must give a shout out to Peg & Meg Moffat, when I got home last night from cheer tryouts I found a sweet little package of Oops Burp cloths that were to die for adorable. Thanks so much guys, you made my day!


  1. What a gorgeous place to take pictures! Your belly looks so cute. (I also blog stalk but never comment, I use to dance at Jeanne's way back when)

  2. very cute pics-and i love the dress ;)

  3. Braden looks thrilled to be there! Baahahaha. You look gorgeous as ever though. The pregnancy is definitely a good look on you!

  4. You guys are so cute- and that is a great location- i might need to hit i tup soon. And your kids are huge- I haven't seen them in so long and definitely not since Pea hasbeen walkin!! I might stop by soon to see you- cause I have a feeling your babies will be here soon! :)

  5. ok so you are the cutest prego woman look so beautiful and you guys are so cute together....i wanna see those babies when they come..congrats!!!!