Fresh Start

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Now that the wedding is over, the family has all gone home, and the twins are officially 5 weeks old I am starting fresh and am going back to my normal productive self. I am going to be blogging full speed ahead again and I have a TON of exciting new things going on that I can't wait to reveal this week.

I have been working on revamping my phtography website, so stay tuned to see the new finished product. For now here are some sweet pics we took yesterday with Eryn & Ashly before Ash had to go back to South Carolina.


  1. shut up. the amos ladies are gorgeous. i love the pics. and rose you look freaking killer. what twins? honestly. pretty sure you're skinner than me and i haven't had one kid. you all look fab!

  2. What the fuck?! I distinctly remember you have two human beings in that smokin' hot bod not 5 weeks ago.

    You are heavenly and look fantastic.

  3. Hmmm....Didn't you JUST mention your TWINS are just 5 weeks old??? Soooo - did you use a surrogate or something? I'm beyond jealous at this point. You're gorgeous!!

  4. I hate you at this moment. 5 kids, 5 weeks ago two of them were living in your uterus!! hatred. and i miss your face.