Sneak Peek of Strawberry Week

Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm officially calling next week Strawberry Week. Join me & my kids for some daily recipes for the sweetest summer fruit around (and if you live in Mesa go to Superstition Ranch Market on Main & Greenfield to get some of the most gorgeous berries 4 cartons for $1). I'll be spending the weekend preparing all sorts of treats and making recipe cards.....and gaining 5 lbs. Boo.

And to give you a little taste of the sweetness, here's my little strawberry blonde twinners.

PS- How do you like my new blog header & background? It's all House of 3 baby, go there NOW and check out all their new stuff! I'll be doing a 4th of july post on them next weekend


  1. Those two look very edible and delicious! I have been making strawberry rhubarb jam. My neighbor grows tons of rhubarb. It is the best jam I've ever tasted. You should make it. It's just the recipe that comes with pectin. My kitchen is also done in strawberrys and my neighbor gave me a strawberry recipe box with her favorite strawberry recipe's written on some of the cards. So I'm way excited about your strawberry week!

  2. OMG I found a recipe for strawberry rhubarb pie and I want to make it soooo bad, but I can't find rhubarb ANYWHERE! Dah! You should send me some jam and I'll send you some peach jam that I'm making next week.

  3. MMMMMM love strawberry and rhubarb...sadly it's not in season now BOO :( My mom makes the best strawberry jam....I helped her one time and it's soooo easy. We'll have you come over next time we make it so you can see how :)

  4. My mom just made it the other day and she was rantin and ravin about it so now I have to make some. Another trip to the farmers market is in order.