Strawberry Jam Time

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Of course, Strawberry week wouldn't be complete without a good jam recipe. My mom made jam with pectin in it, but I had none so I followed this recipe to make pectin-free jam. Both are delicious, but I think I like the texture of the stuff with pectin in it better. Actually you can use the jam without pectin for some amazing Strawberry Margaritas or Daiquiris as Braden discovered ;) I found the recipe for the pectin jam on Rhonna's blog and you can find her cute labels on the House of 3 website. The DIY Summer Printables has a ton of cute stuff to print out and use for all kinds of summer fun!

The pectin free recipe is from the blog Pastry Heaven, and like I said it was pretty delicious. There's a ton of great recipes on the blog too, such as Not Just Any Cherry Pie. I think we may need to have a Cherry week to try it.


  1. In support of Strawberry Week, I made cake mix cupcakes and store-bought frosting, both strawberry flavored. Go on. Be proud.

  2. Get down with your bad self Jess. You better have gotten the Sprinkles strawberry cupcake mix cuz if you didn't then you suck.