Bad Case of the Bummers

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I don't know what is the matter with me this last week, but I have a serious case of the blues people. Like the Ray Charles singin blues. I don't usually disclose this kind of info here, since this is my happy place but I just wanted to explain my absence after such a lavish promise of Spark worshipping craftiness. I keep myself super duper busy sometimes to avoid my own distress and every so often it catches up with me and I spend a few days bummed out. I'm coming out of it today I've resolved but not early enough to give you a fabulous creative post so please bear with me, give me a moment, and I promise I'll make it up to you.

Lots of Love, Rainbows, and Lollipops


  1. I swear on everything that it is this week in the existence of the universe that is effing with the juju of womens. I just crawled out from my hole yesterday after a long, shoulda-been-enjoyable weekend. xoxo

    Food. Stat.

  2. I'm thinking Honey Hot Wings. And Chocolate Cream Pie. And Twizzlers

  3. I'm referring to is as Summer Suckfest 2010. I'm hoping it cools off and jolts us all out of our funks.

  4. I hope you can find rhubarb at your Fry's and cheer up :) If you can't find it you will just have to come over and enjoy some strawberry rhubarb tarts at my house!

  5. You are a real person...yay, I've been wondering if you were some kind of superhero freak. : ) Don't fret the blues, it runs in our family, along with the hot temper and desire destroy your enemies.