Last Day of September

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tomorrow is the first day of October! And we're celebrating by taking our Halloween costume pictures early! My momma works at the Disney store so needless to say, my kids get decked out for Halloween. This year, Olivia is Alice In Wonderland, Landen is Peter Pan, Penelope is Snow White, Evelyn is Belle, and Georgia is Tinkerbell. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be Pochahontas and Braden is going to be Captain Hook. Those pictures coming soon....


  1. So cute! Kali is probably going to be Mulan so we can toss her into your Disney bunch :)

  2. Umm hi, your kids look adorable. I cant believe how big the twins are either! Hope you guys are doing well.

  3. these pictures make my heart happy. all your babies are just ridiculously cute.