Fun New Halloween Tradition

Saturday, October 9, 2010

So we all know Rhonna Farrer is a genius and a doll and I basically want to move in next door to her so I can stalk her even more than I do now. She posted this brilliant idea to spread some Halloween cheer to your neighbors, and I am totally copying and Boo-ing my neighbors! We made up 3 bags of festive halloween candy, printed off some We've been Booed signs & a cute Booed poem I found here (which I snagged from Rhonna and used this Halloween font from House of 3 and this Halloween font from 2peas-both designed by Rhonna). We're going out tonight once it gets dark and leaving them at our neighbor's doors! I can't wait, it's such a fun new tradition to start!


  1. We had that done to us a few times when we lived in Az. Fun fun