Disney Halloween Dreams

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My favorite thing about decorating for the holidays is seeing how everyone else interprets the holidays with their own style. My house looks completely different than my mom's house, but both are very festive and fun. Our friend Kathie decorates differently, and if I had to describe it I would say it's Disneyland-ish. I've never been to Disneyland for Halloween, but I wish wish wish I could go, it looks so amazing. I was on Sweets Indeed Blog today and was delighted to see she posted about Halloween-time at Disneyland (and I almost melted with jealousy). I mean, LOOK at those Minnie Mouse Witch Caramel Apples!

Kathie's house is all Nightmare before Christmas and New Orleans Square style, I can't wait for her Halloween Party on Sunday! My Pumpkin Carving Party is tomorrow and spent the last couple days preparing all the treats for it. Can I just say, I HATE making cupcake pops? I really just hate using my hands to roll things into balls. It's not that I mind getting dirty, I hate washing my hands 10 million times because one kid needs a diaper change, then I start again and another kid needs a bottle, then I start again and I need to pull something out of the oven then I start again and Braden needs me to help him with something. Jeepers Creepers, if I could do it all in one go it wouldn't take me 4 hours to finish the damn things, but I've been at it all day and I'm about to lose my marbles. Anywhoo, come back tomorrow to see me prep for the party and see me unveil all the home improvement projects we've been working on for the party! You will DIE!


  1. Disneyland WAS soooo cute! I loved being there in Oct. Thanks for sharing so many cute ideas on your bloggity blog :)

  2. Have fun at your pumpkin carving party. Whore. ;)