Better Late than Never

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Well, in true Rosemary Fashion I have procrastinated to the bitter end, but we are having an Easter Egg Dyeing Party at my house on Thursday (yes that's in 2 days). It's a great incentive to decorating Easter Eggs, which always seem to be forgotten and then at the last minute we struggle to actually want to get them done.

Like it says in the invite, you bring your own hardboiled eggs, and we'll have dye and other embellishments for you to decorate the eggs with. Also, we'll have treats for everyone so be prepared to get your sugar on.

We had a pumpkin carving party like this for Halloween and it was so fun to see all our neighbors come over for the fun activity so hopefully we'll have as good of a turnout for this party!

PS- The invite was (quickly) designed using House of 3's Soiree Cards digi kit and Rhonna's Spring Mix Element Set. Hurry and get anything you want from House of 3, it's all 50% off and is closing next month :(

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