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Thursday, May 19, 2011

I've been working away on my newest project: hello there! house. If you haven't checked out the website and blog to find out what it's all about, let me share here. It's basically a new, unique spin on a home & garden convention. The Event will feature classes from 9 am- 5pm that range from gardening to painting to interior design to eco friendly green options to urban farming & sustainability. View all the different classes on our classes page on the website- there's a ton and plenty to get excited about. There are both group classes and hands on "breakout" classes where you will get your hands dirty and do some take home DIY projects. All the details of the classes and a spotlight on the teachers will be on the hello there! house blog leading up to the event.

In addition to the classes, we will be having some delicious, locally grown cuisine from The Center Bistro. This morning at our meeting we were served a Spinach & Sun Dried Tomato Frittata with Rosemary Thyme Potatoes and Fresh Fruit. All I can say is your head is going to spin over the food at the event. Utterly incredible. The chef will be teaching our Garden to Table class as well as holding some super fun top secret stuff that we will be unveiling in a few weeks. Get excited.

Outside we will be holding a Boutique Market that will feature some amazing local vendors and resources to all things home & garden. Again, we will be highlighting all our vendors on our blog as the event gets closer, but just know that there will be some shopping to do and a lot of things to learn. The boutique market will be open to the public so the vendors will have the opportunity to share their goods with all of Downtown Tempe & Mill Avenue as well as our Event Guests.

After the classes are over for the day, we will be having a happy hour for our guests to shop at the market, get drinks & food from The Center, and listen to live music put on by Ear Candy who donates proceeds to music programs in schools. Another way we will be giving back is an auction for a Custom Painted Piano that both Event Guests and the public can bid online for, which proceeds will go to Homeward Bound Charity.

We've joined Twitter, Facebook, & Pinterest so everyone can keep up with what we have going on- so follow us & like us to stay in the loop!

There are a couple more exciting things we have in the works that will be shared once finalized but there are a ton of reasons to join us for our Event in October, so head on over to our Event Brite page and grab your Early Bird tickets at $150 before they jump up to $225

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