Home At Last

Monday, May 2, 2011

We're home again, and as always it was one wild ride.

Trip Breakdown
5:00 am: We wake up, get ready to go, and wait for my parents to arrive to watch our kids. I have mysterious digestive issues that I chalk up to nerves.

7:15 am: We leave our house, I am crying my eyes out for some crazy reason. I manage to pull myself together and get excited again before Braden decides to leave me and go to Vegas by himself. We of course have to circle the airport twice because I am a terrible navigator and tell Braden to get in the wrong lane (3 times). We park in economy parking, take the shuttle over to the airport and I try to do online check-in, which doesn't work.

8:00 am: We try to check in at the counter, which has a ridiculously long line. We are told we are too late to check out bag (our flight is at 8:45) and we are bumped to a later flight. At this point Braden is not happy with me or "Becky" the counter woman. Also, we are now NOT sitting together on the plane, even though Braden mentions I have anxiety and may or may not freak the crap out on the airplane.

9:45 am: We board our new flight and luckily I am sitting in the row right in front of Braden next to this nice couple who are hilarious and chatter with me the whole 45 minute flight. I do really well because I am talking to strangers who are interested in my kids and Braden & I; except I do jump and grab the man's arm sitting next to me during a particularly violent shake of turbulence. Luckily he (and his wife, more importantly) did not mind.

10:50 am: We arrive in Las Vegas. I've now gone through 2 packs of Altoid minis to try and calm my nerves and have a stiff neck from stress tension. I have also lost all my energy from not eating anything all morning as a precaution and getting the runs. (TMI? Maybe, but the story must be told) so I'm kind of out of it. Braden goes to get our luggage as I locate all restrooms in our vicinity. We find our shuttle, get taken to the hotel, and mosey on up to our rooms.

12:30 pm: We are both starving (neither of us have eaten or drank ANYTHING) so we walk down and try to find the quickest way we can get food into our mouths or we'll keel over. I'm at this point getting stomach cramps and don't feel like sitting down at a restaurant. We find the food court by the casino and Braden grabs 2 slices of pizza for us. Once he brings it, just looking at it is making me queasy, so I ask him to get me a smoothie. By this time, I'm slumped over the food court table in bad shape so he suggests we take the food up to our room. Once we get there, I take one bite of pizza that I can barely swallow then just resign myself to just drinking half my smoothie. I am NOT feeling good. I lay down in the bed, fully clothed and this is where the trouble begins.

6:00 pm: I have been drifting in and out of sleep for the past five hours. When I wake up am I blazing hot with a raging fever and headache. I am completely delirious and cannot function. I spend the next four hours in the shower in my hotel room throwing up and coming in and out of delirium. I don't know what in the heck I caught, but I prey you do not get it because it was horrible. We missed our concert (so freaking bummed I can't even tell you), and I slept/sat in the shower for the rest of the night. Seriously I think of all the time I spent in that hotel room, 90% of it was in the shower.

So basically we had a not-so-great-start to our vacation.

The next day I woke up at 7:00 feeling like a new person, 100% better. We ate breakfast at our buffet in our hotel, we walked up & down the strip, we ate lunch at Serendipity (which was awesome), we went to the pool for a few hours, we ate dinner at Wicked Spoon, we walked up & down the strip again, and gambled a little (no we didn't win any money).

And now we're back. And I actually had such a great time yesterday, it totally made up for Saturday. I can't wait for our next trip! You know what the best part about trips is? Coming home and having your kids be so excited to see you. And how excited you are to see them.

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  1. Rose I just had to pull my jaw from the floor! Can't wait to chat!!!! WOW!!!