If you build it, they will come

Monday, May 23, 2011

Last week was a not-so-great week for me. For some reason I was super emotional (I think I have a hormone imbalance. Maybe because I'm a baby-making machine that is not having babies so my body is like "Um, where's the baby? We're just going to pump you full of hormones anyway just in case you change your mind.") and I started to doubt myself again. Like I had a crying fit because I was starting to feel like maybe I'm just not a successful person and nothing I ever do will ever work out and basically I'm a big loser and a wishful thinker and that's all I'll ever be.

Sigh. Why do I get like this?

90% of the time I have confidence and drive and determination but there it was- that crappy 10% making me feel like a failure before I've even started. So I cried and cried and picked fights with my husband that probably were totally unnecessary and was cranky with my kids and basically sucked at life last week. Yesterday I woke up and decided it was Sunday, a start to a new week and I needed to get a freakin grip and get the hell out of my funk. We had Sunday Funday- took the kids & dogs to the park, gave the dogs a bath, made Rhubarb muffins, ate Patron burritos from Filibertos (RECOMMENDED) and I read a book. Sherlock Holmes if you must know. It was a relaxing, soothing day full of nothing but fun and no work. No stress. And it was lovely.

Now it's Monday and I'm all Eye of the Tiger again. I've got a lot of work to do for hello there! house, and I'm done doubting myself. I have a lot of people's support, especially my dad who told me that even if this thing is a complete and total failure and no one signs up and you lose your deposit on the venue, if it's something that you really think is a great thing- then try again and learn from your mistakes. Try to do better the next time. Don't give up.

My dad is SUCH an inspiration to me and I feel like if he believes in me, then I better suck it up and believe in myself and do my very best. As nervous as I was about it last week, I am confident that if I put all my random skills together and make this event the best thing that ever happened in Arizona- people will come.

So that's just what I'm going to do. And frankly, you & I would be crazy to expect otherwise ;)


  1. Girl!!! I know the funky feeling, but I gotta tell ya, YOU ARE SOMETHIN ELSE! I was kinda confused about the Hello There House and read into it. I could not BELIEVE it! What a huge/amazing/exciting task for you to create and take on! You're rockin the party, Lady and YOU CAN DO IT!
    Miranda :)

  2. Thanks Miranda, you are the sweetest. You are my long lost soulmate by the way so I hope I get to see you at some reunions and stuff because you have such great style and I think we're meant to be friends ;)

  3. Rosemary YOU ARE INSPIRING! You accomplish more than I can even dream about. This world is meant to have dreamers and doers and you my friend are both! We all have those "my life sucks days" but the real difference between people is the people who just dwell on it and do nothing...and the YOU's of the world who get right back on the horse and again inspire us with your tanacity. Keep up your amazing work...cause you got a fan in me!

  4. Oh Rose my family simply ADORES you but you already know that! You have worked wonders in our home and we are just getting started. Your event will be a hit. See you later on taoday;)