Giddy & Exhausted

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I've been going full throttle prepping for the hello there! house Meet 'n' Greet this Friday at Urban Picnic. If you don't know (which is unlikely because I've been spewing hype about this event for two weeks straight) we are having a mini event to tell you all about the classes at the hello there! house home & garden event in October. So.... we're having an event to talk about an event. Make sense? No? Didn't think so. Did I mention there will be cupcakes in jars? Ok so you're on board now? Great.

Anywhoo, I have worked really really REALLY hard on putting this fun thing together for Friday and I am totally stoked to share all this hard work with everyone. I just put the finishing lollies on my lolli board inspired by this:

Looks amazing- but so so much work. Took FOR-EV-ERRRRR.

Just filled up all 25 project boxes today, and tomorrow I have to finish up the swag bags and make those cupcake jars I mentioned above inspired by this:

Now I must go to bed before my eyes burn out of my skull but I'll leave with a "pretty please with a cherry on top come to our event on friday". Tickets are only $10 and you get dinner AND you'll make some darling holiday crafts to take home and decorate your house. Plus, you'll get to hang out with me! Yee-haw!

If that doesn't make you want to come, then I just don't know.


  1. You have got to stop braggin' it up because I am getting so jealous that I can't take it. I can't make it to the meet and greet, but oh, how I wish I could. Sad face.

  2. You're right...looks amazing...take a well deserved break!!

  3. OMG ROSE!!! At it again! I am pretty sure I need that gorgeous yellow white grey thing in my new bedroom! I'm calling dibs LOLLLLLLLLLLL

    Can't waitfor tmw!

  4. Looks like a fun time…wish I could come!