Team Tuesday: Spooky Junque Delight

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Can I tell you that when Rhonna hinted on her blog that the Halloween kits would be hitting the stores this past weekend, I was on my iphone like white on rice checking to see if they had gone live yet. THE VERY MINUTE she emailed us for the "gone live" go ahead,  I downloaded them and got to work. 

First off, do you all know that I am obsessed with holiday decorating? Like, it absolutely oozes from every nook & cranny in my home. And each year, Halloween stuff starts popping up a little sooner than the last year. So yes, on the 10th of September, it started to turn into The Watson's Halloween Home. 

I first whipped up theses {To. Die. For.} candy cones. I mean, these are the stinkin cutest things, and they are so incredibly easy. Absolutely anyone can create these, they come all packaged up nice & neat for you  in one kit, all you need to do is print & cut. I added a ruffled crepe streamer trim at the top, but everything else was included on one page of the candy cones. And there's two more styles! 

Next,  I wanted to take {Scary Photos} of all my kids and put them around my house for Halloween, so yesterday was Olivia's day. Here are some {witchy}  photos accented by some more of the Spooky Junque Kits:

And these are the kits I used: 

Seriously, you need some Spooky Junque in your life. And it's so so fab that these designs are out so early so you can slowly but surely start decorating for All Hallows Eve instead of freaking out the week of Halloween and getting only half the stuff up that you wanted and only having it up for 5 days, and cursing yourself for procrastinating. Not that I would know anything about that or anything. 

Now run on over to Rhonna's Blog to see what the rest of the team has come up with for Team Tuesday!


  1. Love, Love, Love it all!! xoxo From Conroe, TX!

  2. rosemary...your photos and digi elements are fabulous. you know how to get that girl to shine!
    love it all!!!!

  3. So cute Rosie I love all the pics of miss lala she is such a hoot!

    ps I want that last pic of la