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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Over Labor Day weekend, my sister Eryn & I photographed a wedding in beautiful Pinetop. The weather was perfectly overcast but not rainy, the location (which was right on Rainbow Lake) was gorgeous, and the wedding itself was simply beautiful. While we were waiting on the groom to show up for his photos, we found a pretty piece of land to take some shots of each other. Eryn looked particularly lovely Sunday. 

I apparently forgot the Cardinal Rule of Eyeliner that day, but still the background is far too pretty not to post. 

I used House of 3's Collage Storyboard Kit or the Photo Storyboards. Stay tuned for the wedding photos- they are absolutely divine! 

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  1. Gorgeous photos Rosemary! You look fabulous without eye-liner.. but I know how you feel. I feel naked without eye makeup on!