Happy Haunting Day 10: All Hallows Eve

Monday, October 31, 2011

A lot of people have been asking if I'm still alive since it has been an entire week since I posted last. Tis true that I completely fell off the radar last week. Holidays with 5 kids turns out to be incredibly busy and I literally went into zombie mode running and volunteering and making preschool party treats and teacher gifts and party invitations and preparing for our Pumpkin carving party and creating, bulding, & painting carnival games for a friend's Fall Festival and coaching cheer for their final football game and this week is competition so we've had extra practices, and....... well, you get the picture. I was so busy literally running around last week I literally ran out of time to do any blogging. That includes my Foto Friday entry, so sorry ladies for dropping the ball last week. I need to try and prep my Foto Fridays a week in advance or something to make absolutely certain I don't miss again. I think I'm going to put in a request to add 5 extra hours to each day so I can try and fit everything in. I didn't even get to finish my girls Halloween dresses I've half sewn them :( Oh well, there's always next year I suppose.

And of course the minute I whipped out my camera to take pictures of all the kids in their costumes {the girls were all Pocahontas/indian girls and Landen was Lightning McQueen} my camera battery died : / So we used a friend's camera to document but I don't have any photos to share of the kids tonight. I did however did snag a couple of photos of my Dia De Los Muertos Makeup I mentioned a couple weeks ago. 

I hope you all had a delightful Halloween. Now onto Thanksgiving fun! 

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