Happy Haunting Day 6: Banners & Lollies & Poms, Oh My!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It seems I keep coming back to my stand-by paper crafting decorations- banners, flags, lollies, and tissue paper poms.

All of these things are all easy to make, they are cheap, they are versatile, and they add so much festivity to your space. For me, more is more so I've slathered every inch of my living room with these paper crafts and they make the whole space sing with Halloween happiness. Change up the sizes, the colors, the materials; and you have a whole new look for each holiday! Let's go on a little tour, shall we?

The very first thing that greets people when they come in my door is my two black hanging pom poms, some Spooky Junque Banners, & some handcut glittered bat banners. I just found a bat template on Pinterest, traced & cut them out of cereal boxes, spray painted them black, then glittered them with Martha Stewart black glitter. Hot glue them on some Black Divine Twine and you have a lovely little  batty banner. 

I have three jars with various flags in them surrounded by pumpkins on my computer desk right when you walk in my door

Here is my giant metal board above my little white couch in my living room. Notice the tissue & newspaper pom pom "flowers" at the top. The "All Hallows Eve" Banner I made two years ago (I think) and the burlap candy corn painted banner was made last year. The candy corn rosette magnets were just made by hot gluing some yellow & orange crepe streamers around a doily, gluing some Spooky Junque accents on the front, then I glued the whole thing to some old alphabet magnets I had hanging around on my fridge.

And here is the chalk board right next to the metal board.

My black console filled with craft supplies sits underneath the Printable Art I shared yesterday

On my console in my living room are wine glasses filled with moss & mini skulls for Witches Brew

These skulls on a cake plate sit right next to the witches brew glasses

Newspaper & book page lollies with some Spooky Junque accents

These candy filled apothecary jars sit on my piano, tagged with some Quatrefoil Background & Spooky Junque Border tags

Outside my door I have a pumpkin sitting in a hanging planter with some festive little flags poking out

In front of our bay window I stuck a chair I repainted and reupholstered and filled it with pumpkins, a chalk painted pot, and some more lollies & flags

And I even laminated some Spooky Junque Banners to hang outside, so they are protected from the minuscule chance of rain we may have here in AZ. 

So there's the front part of my house. There's so much more to share in the kitchen area, so I'll show & tell next week! 

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