Foto Friday: Week 31

Friday, April 6, 2012


Last weekend, I went to The Happiest Place on Earth for a cheer competition with my cheerleaders. Being at Disneyland without my family was a little weird, but being there alone and free to do whatever you want is a little known luxury if you know what to do. I spent a lot of my time learning about the History of Disneyland and watching shows and riding rides that no one ever wants to do when you're with a bunch of people. One of the most whimsical things about the Park is that most people think that "it all started with a mouse, but in reality it all started with a train". Walt Disney had a life long passion with the Railroad and there is an entire shop on Main Street devoted to his model trains, and information about the creation of the Disneyland Railroad, which I got to ride on for the first time ever!


There are so many amazing things at Disneyland, but I think my new favorite thing is the Railroad nostalgia it promotes to everyone that enters. I know that I left with a new found love for the Train. 

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