Baby Update: Week 23

Monday, June 4, 2012

It's getting hotter people. I've luckily only had one bad bought of acid reflux that resulted in a pretty sleepless night; other than that it's been pretty smooth sailing. Although I did get a call from my doctor's office today saying that my blood transfusion with the twins resulted in antibodies being formed and Braden's blood has those antibodies, so I may need to be transferred to a specialist. Not stressing or anything, everything will work itself out; it's just a circumstance I wished we could have avoided but C'est La Vie. I'll keep everyone updated on the progress. 


  1. Rosemary! You look GREAT!! I still can not believe you are having your 6th child!! I loooove Mangos by the way! ;)

  2. you DO look gorgeous.
    and you will have six!
    you rock, mama! rocked the banners over at Rhonna's.
    hoping you will share the details.
    love. them. and i wanna lift them.
    fo' sho'.