New Years Resolutions- Part 2

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I started the New Years Resolutions Part 1 on my old blog last week. Click here to view my novel of a post and for good ideas about how to get cooking for 2010.

Goal Setting has never been my strong suit, but this year I'm going to try something new and see if it helps me set and accomplish the goals I want to make for myself. There are a few blogs out there that I read all the time that are all talking about the same thing, and I want to share them with you to help you with your own goals for 2010.

House of 3 is doing a workshop called Simply Amazing starting on the 6th and it looks, well, amazing. You can go onto their website to download a freebie to help you set your goals for 2010. Heidi Swapp has posted tips on how to fill out the worksheet and ways to succeed in achieving them. I can't wait for this class to start tomorrow, it combines goal setting and scrapbooking your process, how fun is that?

A lot of people have been talking about The Word Of The Year Project, and to discover what you want your word to be download this free worksheet from Christine Kane (and watch her video too!) so you can pick out your word to best describe what you want in 2010.

Ali Edwards has a great post about choosing a word for the year and how to make it work in your life. Her word is STORY and I can't wait to see what she has in store for 2010. All her stuff is so awesome, bookmark her blog! She has also teamed up with Jewelry designer extraordinaire to create The Word of The Year Necklace to give you a little inspiration everyday!

I think I'm going to mix my word of the year with my Simply Amazing and my 365 project to make one big master book of awesomeness. I still haven't picked out my word, but I figure I have until tomorrow until Simply Amazing starts. I can't wait. Please share some good words that you guys have come up with!

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