Birthday Love

Thursday, February 18, 2010

How much are you in love with my new blog background & header? I am OBSESSED with the new House of 3 Birthday Stuff-it's all insanely cute. If you didn't watch their live show last night, you MUST go and watch the recorded version-there are sooooooo many great ideas to stay prepared for any birthday throughout the year. There are 2 color ways for boys & girls so if you stock up on all their stuff you will always be ready for that birthday that is sneaking up on you. Next week is Kathie & Braden's birthday on the 24th so I plan on using some of the kits for cards and banners and stuff. The Mini Happy Tags are FREE so hurry up and snag yours before their regular price!

Also, the twins Birth Day will be coming up soon so I'm thinking of making up some extra little banners for the hospital to make it a little more cheery. You all know how blah those hospital rooms can be :)


  1. Great idea to decorate the hospital room! If you need help getting anything together, I'm just a few minutes up the road. :)

  2. You should send me a happy birthday sign for lancers bday I can pay you if you would like :)

  3. No you will not pay me. I'll make up one that is not so girly for him and send it to you!