March is Here!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wow I can't believe it's already the third day of March! We have been working fast and furiously to get our house together for when the twins arrive, and here are some photos of the progress

Braden painted the rooms in my Mint and Light Blue colors (and I LOVE them), we got the carpets steam cleaned yesterday (if you guys need your carpets cleaned- the guy we used is AWESOME and I've known him forever), I bought almost all of the frames for the frame wall we are doing above the crib and I've started filling them with the Dear Lizzy Scrapbook line like I talked about. The finished result will look something like this

My mom took it upon herself to make my hospital blanket because she knows what a procrastinator I am, and it turned out darling! Now I'll be comfy cozy in the hospital and not just have those crappy sheets.

Braden still has some furniture to finish and I have some curtains and bedding to make. Actually Eryn will be making the bedding-she just made some for a friend and it turned out gorgeous. I can't wait to go buy more Nicey Jane fabric so I can get that nursery finished up asap! I have also cleaned my house top to bottom in hopes that it would send me into labor, but no such luck so far. I'll keep everyone updated on my progress!

Oh, and as far as the Birth-Day Pool is going let's see how it's going:
-Fawn is out with the 24th
- Amanda is out with Feb 26th
- Erin is out with Feb 28th
- Krista is out with March 2nd

This is who is still in the running:
- Jenni with March 3rd (I hope you win!)
- Alyssa with March 4th
- Chelsea with March 5th
- Traycie with March 7th
- Ashly with March 8th
- Monika with March 10th
- Lissa with March 12th
- Ashlyn with March 13th
- Jessi & Peg with March 15th
- Lancer with March 16th
- Ashley with March 17th

There's still days open guys, so if you haven't guessed hurry and get your entry in!


  1. I love the picture wall in the nursery!! Rosemary, do you have a C-Section scheduled?

  2. Nope, all my kids were vaginal, and the twins are both head down so the doctors don't think I'll need a C Section. They will probably schedule an induction after the 15th if they haven't come by then.

  3. That's wonderful! Good luck with the delivery! I think you will go without the induction -- around the 15th is a full moon and babies tend to come around this time of the month ;) I chose the 10th for your delivery because it's my daughter's birthday.

  4. I was really hoping I would win too! I am super impressed you are still able to run around and do housework, decorate rooms and everything you are doing! AMAZING! I was on bed-rest for the last 4 I am super jealous! :) I can't wait till you have those little gals and best of luck to you!!!!
    PS--had mine both vaginally too....IT WAS AWESOME! :)

  5. The room is adorable, can't wait to see them, I think they will come March 11th. Hope it all goes well!

  6. Someone already took March 11th! I pick March 14th! Good luck!

  7. You know they say that when you feel like to stuff it's like nesting and that mean it is getting close. I am so glad they are both head down it will be easier to not have a c section with eveything else you hsve going on at home. Good things come to those who wait. HA HA Ha.