One Week

Friday, March 19, 2010

Wow, I can't believe it's been one week since I had Evelyn and Georgia and it seems like they've always been here. It's funny how babies just fit right into your life like a puzzle piece and you can't imagine it any other way. It is the best feeling knowing that our little puzzle is now complete and there's no more wondering if there's any more pieces out there that we are missing.

I thought one week would be a good time to share the twins birth story, so here it goes!

I went into the hospital at 8:00 pm on Wednesday night to get my blood transfusion. My mom got me all settled in, and then went home and my husband was with the other kids so I spent the night by myself getting my transfusion. I thought I'd be lonely, but it was actually kind of nice to have some time by myself to mentally prepare myself for the next day. The only problem I had that night was they gave me some benadryl in my IV just in case I had an allergic reaction to the blood and it made me really drowsy which freaked me out. I have pretty bad anxiety so when my mind feels altered and I don't feel in control I start to panic. After the nurse calmed me down and gave me some anti-nausea medication I was totally fine and fell asleep. I slept through the whole transfusion and when I woke up my mom got back to the hospital.

We spent the whole morning waiting but finally around noon the doctor came in to do my ultrasound and see if I needed an amniocentesis. The ultrasound showed the babies fluid levels were normal, so right away they prepped me to do the amnio to test if their lungs were mature enough to deliver. At that point I was freaking out terrified that they were going to stick a needle through my belly into the placenta so I started bawling like a big pansy. My mom sat back because it kind of freaked her out too, but my day nurse (who was so nice) came and held my hand. I put my ipod on and just tried not to hyperventilate. They gave me a small shot with a local anesthetic to numb the skin, then put the needle in. I got a cramp in the spot, pretty much like a bad contraction; then the doctor told me it would be over in ten seconds. I counted to ten and it was over. It was definitely not as bad as I thought it would be. So if any of you ever need to get one-take it from me they sound way scarier than they are. I have a pain tolerance of ZERO, so you know it's not bad if I can take it.

After the amnio they had to test the fluid they pulled out, which took another 4 hours so around 4:00 or 5:00 they told me they would induce me. Another doctor came in to do the induction, and I started have more rapid and intense contractions right away. My mom, sister Eryn, and Grandma were all there with me since the amnio and they were laughing at me because I was getting pretty flippin cranky from the contractions. Braden came to the hospital around 6:30 and at that point I was ready for my epidural. The hospital had a new policy about no visitors in the room when they perform epidurals because they had so many people pass out watching so Braden was thankful he wasn't there to get his hand crushed by me. I was so happy to get my epidural I wanted to kiss the anesthesiologist. He must have the most rewarding job in the hospital.

Anyway after the epidural I was all good and happy so we pretty much just waited around until about 11:00 when I started feeling the pressure like the babies were coming. I got checked a few times earlier and wasn't progressing extremely rapidly so my nurses weren't all that worried when I was getting anxious about the pressure. They sent the doctor in to check me around 11:30 and she started laughing because I was dilated to a +2 (past 10 and totally effaced) and Evelyn head was descended. My doctor was awesome by the way and so excited that she got to be the one to deliver me, since she had met me a couple of times before during my false alarms at triage. So then it was a mad dash to the OR just in case they had to do an emergency C section and they prepped to deliver the babies.

It was kind of a circus in there because there was over 10 people in the room plus my mom and I. Braden opted not to go in with me because they only allow one person in the OR with you and he had a hard time being in the room with Landen and Penelope when they were born. He probably would have passed out with the twins so it's a good thing he didn't come in. Once everyone was ready, I pushed about 5 times with Evelyn and she literally came flying out, the doctor almost dropped her. She was born at 11:59 pm on March 11th and weighed 6 lbs 3 oz. 6 minutes later I pushed twice with Georgia and she came flying out like a water slide too. She was born at 12:05 am on March 12th and weighed 5 lbs even. They were totally healthy, ate from bottles right away and we left the hospital on Saturday all together.

All in all, this pregnancy was hands down the WORST out of all of mine, but the best delivery I've ever had. All the doctors and nurses were so incredibly nice and sweet and everyone was so excited for the girls to be born. Since then we've been to the doctor with the twins and he said they are doing perfect, absolutely no problems at all. We are definitely blessed to have such healthy babies, I am thankful I didn't deliver during any of the false alarms I had. It was worth the misery to have such strong girls.

Thanks so much to everyone for all the well wishes and nice comments you guys have posted on the blog and on facebook. It makes this whole experience so much more special that I get to share it with everyone. It's the real reason I blog-to share my life with the people I love that don't live by me or that I don't see very often. It makes this big world feel so much smaller:)


  1. What a fun birth story!!! The girls will love reading all about it when they are older....and how fun that they were born on differnt days! :) That is super special!!! I'm so glad you shared with us....I was waiting to hear all the details!! :)

  2. That is so great that you were able to have them natural and not have to do a c-section!! I'm glad everything went well! They are absolutely precious!!!!!!

  3. mmmmm. all of these freakishly adorable pictures and the notion of having double the love makes me really want identical twin ladies. but then i remember that you are superwoman. and i am not. congrats!

  4. i love your guts, and we have been thinking about you for the past week. i am so glad it went well! let me know when you are ready for visitors... we don't want to bug until you are ready to be. :)

  5. That really is pretty fun that they have different birthdays as twins! Now they both have their own special day just for them! Yay! =)

  6. That picture makes my heart melt. I need to hold those babies again asap!

  7. Uh-mazing!

    You really are built for birthing babies.

    *slip* Weeeeee!