Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ah, I love spring. Our neighbor's orange trees are blossoming and it smells amazing outside. Easter is right around the corner and I am determined to pull off a fabulous Easter Brunch complete with party favors, table decorations and delicious food. Of course, you have to start with invitations, so I whipped these up real quick using the new House of 3 Magical Brush Kit and the Easter Brushes from last year.

Aren't they fun? I'm foregoing the traditional pastels this year and using big bright colors this Easter. You should see my girls Easter dresses (I'll share a picture, don't worry), they are so bright and fun! I have a ton of great brunch recipes and Spring crafts to dress up your house to share so come back tomorrow!

PS- tonight is another House of 3 Webshow! I've missed the last 2 so I can't wait to catch it tonight!


  1. I want to come to the Easter Feaster!!! Save me some delicious things.

  2. I'll do one better. I'll mail you some cinnamon rolls.