Wedding Fevah- Pt. 1

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our dear dear friend Kathie is eloping next month (how romantical), and I have wedding fever something fierce. Since her, her fiance, and their 2 kids are going to be the only ones at the actual ceremony, we are having a celebration dinner for them once they get back. AND GUESS WHAT?!? I get to make their wedding cake :)

I am so excited I can't even stand it. And of course, in true Rosemary fashion, I have become completely obsessed with wedding cakes and have though of nothing else since. Seriously, I lie awake at night trying to come up with the perfect combination of deliciousness to bestow upon them.

Genoise sponge cake moistened with Chambord and covered with white chocolate fondant?

image via Miette

Or Luscious Caramel Cake?

image via Canelle et Vanille

Or a Peach Cake with fresh peach jam filling and custard buttercream? (This might be an amazing idea, since it's peach season at Schnepf)

image via Martha Stewart

Or do I just stick with my stand-by favorite, the Chocolate cake with Marscapone mousse and Ganache Buttercream?

image via Cheeky Kitchen

Sigh. So many choices. I guess I'll have to make them all and see which I like best ;)


  1. Oh that Caramel cake looks delish!

  2. oh how romantical indeed. hooray for kathie and claudio. ok... i need to elope now, haha.