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Sunday, August 15, 2010

There has been a lot of Back to School Activities going on of late, and I miss my neglected blog so so much. I haven't shared any recipes or crafts in a while, so I'm itching to start some new creative projects to share with you guys! First off though, I must share some pictures of our Back to School Preschool Week! I've decided to try homeschool preschool with Olivia, Landen, & Penelope (and Olivia is also going to preschool with a neighbor a few houses down from me!) and we had a great 1st week. We had our Back to School Celebration, Our A is for Apples and our A is for Alligators days.

My favorite part about Back to School is of course, the school supplies. It was imperative that I purchase these alphabet cookie cutters for Preschool.

As well as this apple cookie cutter. (I actually bought mine from Cost Plus World Market for one dolla holla)

For "science" tomorrow we will be making sugar cookies. And then for art we will be decorating them! I love learning! And eating!


  1. I have those alphabet cookie cutters! I use them for cheesy crackers.

  2. Ooooh, cheesy crackers. We're making those for letter C week for sure!