House of 3 Fall Goodness

Thursday, August 19, 2010

OMG did you guys watch the Live Webshow last night? I'm sad to say, I missed it, but I've been watching it this morning annnnnnnd I'm freaking out. They just released the CUTEST stuff. Fall Junque is officially my new obsession

Check out the gorgeous new things at House of 3!!!!

I am freaking out because all I want to do is play with all this fun new stuff, but I have work to do :( Boo!

Anyhooter, my entire house is going to be seriously decked out to the max with this fabulous new stuff. i want to cry, it's so wonderful. I must say too, watching the webshow is sooooo amazing because they just throw out brilliant ideas left and right the whole time. Freakin Hiedi tookout her dining room table and chairs and turned her dining room into a study hall for her kids and decorated it super cute. Really? so smart.

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