Why I am Psycho.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our neighbor a couple of doors down does preschool in her home. Olivia's First Day was yesterday. I decided at 7:00 pm on Monday night that she needed a First Day of School outfit. A Handmade First Day of School outfit. An outfit that I had not bought fabric for yet. Usually when I come up with these crazy ideas my mom swoops in and sews me what I need, but she was at work :(. So, I decided that the fastest and easiest and cutest thing that I could whip up that night after a quick run to Scrapbooks Etc. (Did you know they now carry designer fabric? WALLS covered in gorgeous fabrics. Swoon!) was this sweet little ruffle twirl skirt from the Grand Revival Blog. Turned out pretty cute, hunh? I used the new fabric I got from Scrapbooks for the top ruffle and apron (I added that to the tutorial, super easy and it just adds some extra oomph) and used some leftover fabric I had on hand for the rest.

Lala just loved her new little apron skirt, and of course I had to whip up a matching headband Tuesday morning before school.

We also made chocolate chip cookies for her to take to all the kids in her class.

I used Jaimee Rose's TO DIE FOR chocolate chip cookie recipe, and praise Jesus, all the leftover cookies are FINALLY gone from my kitchen. I have been eating them for every meal. Make them if you need to bribe your kids new teacher because your kid is too sassy like mine.


  1. who makes cute shiz like that 12 hours before preschool begins?! of course, you would!

  2. So cute. You sound like my mom. She used to start our Easter dresses the day before Easter and she had 4 girls. Just wait until all 4 of your girls are in school.

  3. I should send some cookies to Abby's teacher I need to do some bribing also I have a serious sassy one who is already talking to much in class and doesnt even care if she gets her stamps taken away.