Plan a Party with Me-Pumpkin Party!

Monday, October 18, 2010

We decided that we are going to throw our 1st annual Pumpkin Party at our house the Thursday before Halloween. I think it would be fun if I shared all my party planning ideas, inspirations, recipes, and decor so we can all party it up together! Then at the end we can all post our pictures of our fun parties-what could be more fun than a massive blog party?

To kick it off, I made up these invitations using my sillouette I made last year, this House of 3 phantom background kit, and these fonts from 2peas & House of 3. Olivia helped with the glittering!

You can use these for your own invitations, I will be using them as treat labels.

My party will include a pumpkin carving contest, a treat buffet, BYO pumpkins & carving tools, and some pumpkin turkey chili & pumpkin rolls. More party details to come!


  1. Ooh, this will be so fun. Just wait until you see the competitive fire in Husfriend's eyes when he hears the carving is a contest...

  2. That label is super cute! Thanks for sharing it! :)

  3. So cute and love the pumpkins! I love your blog, how do you become a follower?


  4. Super stunning Pumpkin Party! I am totally in love with these details. I also have to host my kid’s birthday and we are considering pumpkin party for that and I am trying to find some good outdoor party Venues in San Francisco.