Pie Party Pie Crust

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Here's the final piece to our pie puzzle- the perfect pie crust! It's an all butter crust because shortening make me gag. You really can't beat the flavor of real butter either and Paula Deen prays to it, so I'm all for it! Smitten Kitchen yet again saves the day with her Pie Crust 102 session, read it for visual directions of this recipe:

This recipe makes 2 crusts, so one double crust pie or 2 single crust pies. If you want to make mini pies, roll out small sized circles and place in a well buttered muffin pan, then fill with your favorite pie fillings! I'm going to make some mini pies for the party and cut out little crust shapes with a mini cookie cutter like this:

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