Super Secret Project #2 Reveal-Dad's 50th Birthday Party

Monday, November 8, 2010

So, the next super top secret project I've been working on was my dad's 50th birthday surprise party. We managed to keep it a secret the whole time and man was he surprised to find so many people that traveled to Mesa for his birthday. We all had a great time, and we worked really really hard to put it together, so here are some highlights of the party:

We set up a photo area for people to group up and take photos; complete with photo props such as frames, balloons, and mustaches & spectacles on sticks. The kids loved them.

In the treat gazebo we had a candy buffet, a popcorn machine, chocolate covered pretzels & bagged smores with marshmalllow roasting sticks. We had a fire pit set up so people could roast the marshmallows and make their own smores.

We had tables under Itlaian lights, big 3 foot red balloon, and lots and lots of regular 12" balloons.

There were all kinds of delicious food like cowboy stew, green chili, and bean & cheese burritos. I made 3 kinds of cookies, and Kathie made her famous sugar cookies shaped like mushrooms & acorns. I also made 3 kinds of cupcakes & a chocolate birthday cake.

We all had the most amazing time and it will be such a fun memory that we got to share with our family.

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