Dear Santa Claus

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Here is my Christmas List for this year. Oh please oh please oh please bring me one (or all) of these treasures.

I want a Silhouette digital craft cutter so bad I can't even handle it. I am sick to death of meticulously hand cutting everything I make and think of all the amazing things I could make with this baby. Sigh.

I am OBSESSED with these Hardcover Penguin Classics Books designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith. They would look so good in my bookcases.

I really want Nicole Gerulat's textbooks. They are bound to be gorgeous and will be really helpful with everything I do. I especially want the Photo 101 and the Illustrator 101.

I'll take these latte bowls in white please. They're a nice inexpensive gift ($5 each!) that will be used and used and used

And I need this apron STAT

And Cake Stands. Lots and Lots of Cake Stands. Like these white ones:

And these white ones

And these black ones

And these cupcake ones.

And these white Compotes

Ok, I'm starting to get dizzy and should probably go feed my children instead of window shopping. You know I could go on for days.


  1. OH my that apron is all kinds of fabulous!

  2. oooh! glad we made your christmas list! hope you get them. :)