Trimming the Tree and Decking the Halls

Friday, December 3, 2010

We spent all day yesterday getting our house fancied up for the Holidays. I bought so many gorgeous things at Scrapbooks ETC from some of my favorite Bloggers new lines like Dear Lizzy's Christmas

I think I'm going to try and do a Daily December Scrapbook since I was a total loser and peetered out on my 365 album. I suck.

photo from Liz's blog

I also bought some of Margie's Tinsel & Twig snowflake ornaments and I am in LOVE with them. So freakin cute.

And look at her CHA booth! It's decorated so cute! I want to snatch all those ideas and use them in my house!

Video from liveteachcreate on YouTube

Also, I must share with you this discovery courtesy of Rhonna:
Persnickety Prints!

Persnickity Prints. They are MAGICIANS people. I ordered these prints in Metallic Ink and they are seriously hands down the best quality prints I ever gotten. And, they shipped to me in 3 days and it was only $5 shipping. Amazing. My house is going to be swarming with gorgeous metallic prints. Come over and see!

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  1. Cute! I want to come see you house anyways because my mom said your kitchen looks, "bomb diggity dog"....okay maybe she did not say THAT but she said it looks really good :)