Inspiration Monday- House of 3

Monday, January 10, 2011

I really really wished that my New Year had started off super awesome and productive and fabulous, but alas- it started off with a sick family and a frustrated and fed up Me. I HAD to get out of my funk. This weekend Braden went snowboarding, and I usually create all night when he's out of town but I was just not feeling it this weekend. Until yesterday when I finally got around to watching this:

Last Wednesday's webshow was so creatively uplifiting, I immediately downloaded the Remarkable Digital Kit and got to creating. I loved the different word themes they highlighted on the show, so I took one and ran with it yesterday- REPURPOSE.

I had theses old frames that didn't have any glass or backing so I just printed out these pages from the kit, and hot glued them to the frames to stay! I printed them on Bazzil cardstock, then glued them on chipboard for sturdiness. NOTE- for chipboard use cut up cereal boxes! It's free!

Don't they look awesome on my shelf? I got a little crazy and did more digi styling after I took these pictures, but I just wanted to quickly share these, and show you more tomorrow.

If you are needing some inspiration this week, head on over to House of 3, there is sure to be something to spark your own creativity!

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