Inspiration Monday: Eat Drink Chic

Monday, March 7, 2011

Ok, so this week is another whirlwind one. I have a little girls wedding dress to make, curtains to sew, thank you notes to design and on top of all that- the Twins are turning ONE on the 11th & 12th! Ay chihuaua, now I have to bust out an amazing party to boot. Sooooo, I turned to one of my favorite blogs for inspiration- Eat Drink Chic

This lady is so talented and I have loved her Ice Cream Parlour idea for so long. I decided to throw the twins an Ice Cream Social First Birthday Party for our family (it's at my house which is bite-sized so we had to limit the guest list to just fam. I want a bigger house.)

These are the invites I sent out (today- I'm the WORST procrastinator) and I have all kinds of details to share and a tutorial tomorrow! Come back to see all the pretties!

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