The Portfolio Project

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So here's The Plan: I need to build a wedding portfolio for the new website I am designing. Obviously, I've never shot a wedding. Therefore, I need to create wedding-esque photo shoots for those images. Make sense? No? Great.

So, I am wanting to team up with all different people: vendors, venues, & "models". I will be putting this Portfolio Project flyer out on Facebook today, but I think I want to try and keep the model stuff just on my blog and see who I can get.

Basically I'm looking for people who have gotten married within the last year or so, and don't mind getting pictures taken in their own wedding dresses and their husband's wedding "suit" or whatever. Many grooms rented stuff so in that case I can just use a bride, but I'm doing 5 shoots to start off with and that should be at least a start for my portfolio.

I need lots of help! If you all know any VENDORS that would like to participate (or if you loved your wedding flowers/hair/makeup/etc and want to just give me their name and I can call them) please let me know. I can help them out by giving them the pictures to use for their business, and they help me out big time. It's a WIN-WIN! Also, I'm developing a website for The Portfolio Project at NET people- don't forget. I'll post all the info, behind the scenes stuff, and I'll link to all participants on there so be sure to check it out.

AAAAAND if you or someone you know would like to be models holla back at me! I want pictures of all different people so don't be all "I'm not model material" because you know that's BS. For crying out loud, they'll be hair stylists & makeup artists there so you'll look fabulous.

photo via Martha Stewart Weddings

PS- the "getting married within a year" is not a hard and fast rule. I'm just trying to not have to borrow wedding dresses from a shop so if you can get your hands on any white dress (doesn't have to be a gown, could be a short fun cocktail wedding dress) and you want some pictures done- I'm totally down with that.

This is gonna be a blast- I promise and I'll be forever grateful for everyone who participates! Email me at to join us!

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