Fun @ Urban Picnic

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Soooo, this morning we had a photo shoot for a new Super Top Secret Project we are debuting Monday; and afterwards I took Eryn to lunch at brand spankin new restaurant in Downtown Mesa: Urban Picnic.

It was totally awesome to say the least.

I am seriously in love with everything about the place
1) It is tiny. A simple, humble beginning for a fresh new take on casual dining. There's seating inside & outside on the patio but there's just enough room that the restaurant always seems full, even if there's only 2 other diners in it.

2) It is streamlined & modern. There's not a lot of decor, but what there is makes it look fresh and hip. They basically run their business off an ipad and a wide screen tv with their menu on it and it totally works. I also love the vinyl ants on the wall and the faux grass accents.

3) They utilized excellent branding. Everything in the restaurant coordinates with the Picnic theme with the Urban feel. I especially love that they serve their food directly in a kraft to go box with plastic utensils so you can just wrap it up leftovers and go!

4) They have fabulous customer service (the most important thing in my opinion). The owner himself took our order, chatted with us about the place with great pride, the hostess also checked up on us and answered our questions with a smile.

5) THE FOOD IS INSANE. Seriously I ordered the mushroom & parmesan pressed sandwich and Eryn got the italian sandwich and they were both completely delicious. They come with sides (the meals are about $8)- I got 3 Cheese Mac & Cheese and Eryn got Orzo pasta salad and both were so tasty. And they give out perfect portions! Just enough food so you can eat the whole thing and not feel like you want to puke.

Basically ya'll need to go there ASAP. I love discovering new talent and small little restaurants. This one is amazing and they better get used to seeing me at least once a week.

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