Introducing hello there! house

Monday, May 9, 2011

I've been DYING with excitement to share this with you guys! I was thinking a few weeks ago "Someone should put on a really fun Home & Garden Conference where people can learn all about gardening and home improvement and interior decorating but not in the normal boring way. Like the shows on HGTV, but like- interactive." And then a lightbulb went off. Actually it was more like a bridge of lights on a stage (I have VERY vivid visualizations. Also? Alliteration. Anywhoo...) and the thoughts and ideas came pouring out . I should put on a conference like that! After all, I love doing DIY projects, my husband is a painter who would be a great resource, and my Mother In Law sells unfinished furniture and could come sell her stuff there! And I have lots of friends who are realtors, interior designers, crafters, and DIY-ers that would probably LOVE to come to something like that.

So as the ideas poured out I assembled them into a plan of a sort, and enlisted the help of my friend Jessi, who is helping with another awesome conference about handmade. She of course had all kinds of great ideas and voila! hello there! house was born.

I know what you're thinking. "Didn't she JUST say that she was going to focus all her attention on Wedding Photography?" Yes. I know. I did say that. I definitely struggled with this when I first came up with the idea. I thought maybe I could put the idea on the back burner of my mind and revisit it in a couple of years when I've established my photography business. I tried not to think of it anymore. But it just kept coming out in the forefront - promising an amazing outcome, and getting me excited everytime I thought about it. There's really no denying it- I'm a juggler. I have to have a few different things going on at one time- and unfortunately it's not like knitting a sweater or picking up bowling. It's a huge event and a big commitment. But it feels so right, and 99.9% of the time- when it feels right it is, in my experience. So yes, I'm nervous. And yes, I'm really gonna have to focus on managing my time so I don't slack on my other commitments. But I am BURSTING with excitement about this Event and I can't wait to share all the fantastic things we will be doing!

Head on over to our website I whipped up yesterday, visit our blog that will have new info and a giveaway for a FREE EVENT PASS, follow us on Twitter to see what we're up to, & get your Early Bird discounted tickets for $150 at our Event Brite page (they go up to $225 once the first 30 are sold out!)

And, come back tomorrow to see how I turned a $13 broken chair from Goodwill into this masterpiece!


  1. You are absolutely amazing! I love everything you do! Love and love and love, Laura

  2. Sounds like a fantastic idea to me! Count me in!!!!