Yesterday was Salsa Garden Day

Monday, January 30, 2012

At my mom's we had another huge garden bed to fill, this time with all the best things that go into my favorite food- salsa. Here's our layout:

The only thing we didn't plant yesterday was the garlic {we're waiting until October for that} and the tomatillos, because we didn't see any at A & P. I'm hoping they'll get some in soon, otherwise I may have to get crazy and buy a tomatillo at the Farmer's Market and try planting the seeds. We planted some geraniums on the edges of the peppers because they are beautiful and are supposed to be beneficial to pepper plants. I am going to be in heaven in a few months when we can make fresh salsa from all our harvested veggies!

As for my small scale garden, the lettuces are still going strong, as are my arugula {I had one bolt on me this weekend, but the rest seem be content in this mild weather}. 

But what I am MOST excited about is my cauliflower! I peeked in on them today after I noticed they had grown quite a bit and behold! little baby cauliflowers

It's kind of hard to see because the lighting is so bright, but I love these little cauliflower heads. They took a while to show up, but they'll be worth the wait. 

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