Weekly Sewing Project: Easy Peasy Throw Pillow Covers

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Do you ever have those awful awful things in your house that you walk by every single day and say to yourself  "I really need to fix/clean/trash/burn that thing", but instead of doing something about it, you just ignore it and it just sits there being gross day after day until finally you cannot look at it for one more second or someone is going to lose a body part?

No? Well, then I must be the only one. Because I swear, our couch throw pillows have gotton so much dirt and glitter and snot and black sharpie and yogurt and God knows what else on them they were starting to make me gag every time I sat down. So finally FINALLY I decided that something needed to be done. A quick google search later, I had found this tutorial on how to make quick & easy throw pillow covers. 

They really only took an hour and a half and I have no idea how much fabric I used because I had a spare piece of black linen in my stash (which I'm sure was supposed to turn into a dress years ago) so this project was *sort of* free. You can mix & match the front and 2 back panels too, so it's easy to get rid of some of your fabric pieces that you've been hoarding for years.

My pillows were 21" x 21", but now I want to create a whole slew of easy couch throw pillows. Perhaps I can try this one next with my leftover black scraps and some white stripes. Perhaps next week?

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  1. I love this pillow cover. It is very elegant and beautiful. It adds a little extra color and edge to my bedroom. I was very impressed with how quick I received it and how sturdy it was made. Very impressed!
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